Zen Garden Sounds

Close your eyes.
Escape into nature.

Alexa, open Zen Garden Sounds


All 10 themes of Zen nature sounds are created from real, high quality sound sources collected in Japan.











Unbelievable sound quality,
produced from 10 years of passion.

Zen Garden Sounds ensures the best sound quality above others.

When you hear the bugs buzzing, you may think that they are actually right behind you.
The sound of rain makes you look outside the window just to be sure.
Don’t be scared when you hear the sound of thunder.
If you close your eyes, the sound will take you away to the middle of a mountain.

Overwhelming quality, so real and alive.
This was only possible by a man who had the passion to devote 10 years of his time to complete the sounds.

©Dai Iezaki

2,130 hours of sound, taken over 10 years.
Quantity made its high quality.

The sounds in Zen Garden Sounds have been carefully selected from a massive sound database collected by a man who spent 10 years recording real nature sounds from all over Japan.
Take “rain” for example.
No sounds are the same, even if they are the same “rain” sounds.
He will record hundreds of “rain” sounds until he finds the right one.

Noiseless sound

He despises noise.

That’s why he chooses midnight with least human noise, or early morning when people are still asleep.

To record the sounds at a perfect state.
To focus 100% on the sounds.

Sound that cannot be found anywhere,
but there

There are nature sounds that cannot be caught in the city.
That’s why he crosses the mountain, go down the valley,
Sometimes sleeps outside to collect the sound at that place.
Sound that cannot be found anywhere, but there.